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The Digital single will be available for download on Itunes & Amazon from 2pm on Sunday 18th March at and the CD will be available for purchase on Monday 19th March. Pre-Orders are now being taken online. Following a long training progression which has involved a two-week long ‘Immersion Training’ package in Afghanistan with 2nd Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles, live-firing in Lydd and Castlemartin, exercises in Sennybridge, Aldershot, Thetford and elsewhere, the Welsh Guards will re-deploy to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK 16 in March 2012. This will once again be a summer tour which will see the Battalion engaged in operations during the ‘fighting season’. Unlike 2010, however, the Battalion will not be working together as a Battlegroup, but will be split up and will cover a wider area.

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The PMAG will run various Operational Co-ordination Centres, essentially police control centres, which will be run by company headquarters. The platoons will be split down into multiple level Police Advisory Teams (PATs). The PATs will work and patrol alongside the Afghan Police to mentor their conduct on the ground as well as delivering training and improving their overall capability. On our return from tour circa October, the Battalion will go on a period of leave before looking forward to Trooping our Colour on the Queen’s Birthday Parade in June 2013, moving back to Aldershot and going on exercise in Kenya.

Meanwhile the Prince of Wales’s Company and Number 3 Company will both deploy as rifle companies tasked with providing security for Helmand province while the rest of the Battalion develops the Afghan National Police, in order that the ANP can subsequently take over security alongside the Afghan National Army. The Prince of Wales’s Company will be attached to 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment as part of Combined Force Nahr-e Seraj South, while Number 3 Company will be attached to 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment as part of Combined Force Nad-e-Ali.

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